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Lexy Marie Big Ass and Super Sexy Legs

Sexy Lexy Marie manages to hit all of the high spots in this scene from Leg Sex. Lexy Marie has a big, full, ripe, and very sexy ass, great legs, and she’s wearing some really nice high heel shoes too, giving her even more lift on that full ass! Talk about tasty! She loves to show off her long smooth legs and sexy ass too, check out her quote:

I love nothing more than for my legs to be free. I avoid wearing pants as often as possible. Usually you’ll just see me in a dress or skirt, paired with sexy heels. I hardly ever wear stockings either. Pants and hose just feel like tiny prisons for my legs. I want to feel every sensation, like the leather of my car seat sticking to my legs whenever I drive anywhere, or the cool breeze caressing my legs as I walk. And of course, nothing turns more heads than a pair of bare, shapely legs.

Gotta love a girl with a big sexy ass! Check out more of sexy Lexy Marie here!